Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is a good one---Thanks Pammie

im looking for some were to get a tattoo done chep and they most be good if i
like your work i will be coming back for more work

I hope this person isn't planning on getting any kind of words tattooed on themselves, because they certainly will not be able to tell the "chep" tattoo artist how to spell it!

You get what you pay for people!


Alexia said...

I;ve been reading your posts and they are hilarious. I found one I thought was kind of funny on my local freecycle... maybe you can delete this comment and post this one?

" WANTED: Black Toaster Oven (US 95 & Russell Rd.)
I am in need of a black toaster oven. If there is anyone willing to give me one, could you supply some photos? Thanks so much!
My crossroads are US 95 & Russell Rd."

anyway, I my first thought was beggars can't be choosers... but apparently they can....

Dea said...

The "chep" thing reminds me of Father of the Bride....LMAO!!!

MendyK said...

Good and cheap don't go together in the world of tattoos. It's going to be on your body forever, I think I'd choose good over cheap!

Anonymous said...

I know just the guy he's looking for! His name is Larry, he gets really drunk and tattoos in his mom's basement on the weekends. He's dyslexic and has parkinsons, but hey....he's CHEAP!