Monday, April 20, 2009

uh what???????

I am having a baby girl in july,so I need clothes size 0-3,burp
rags,socks,onesies. If anyone has a swingset that is in decent shape,I can
arrange to pick it up.I am getting married in September,if anyone has any
wedding decor;ring pillow,stand for unity candle,my colors are dark purple,navy
blue,and burgandy.If anyone has any bridesmaids gowns,that are any of these
colors,size doesn't matter.I need three of them,the same style
would be nice,but as long as they are pretty close.

Size doesn't matter??? So what, you just are going to pick who your bridesmaids will be based on who fits into the free dresses you get ??? Cause sorry but if you wear a size 16 and you get a free dress in a size 2......size DOES matter!

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Dea said...

Dude - wth, people that can't afford anything for a kid shouldn't be having one - and people who can't afford anything for a wedding? Once again, shouldn't be having one! What the heck is wrong with a JOP marriage??? GAH...

And she's just one of those Bridezilla wannabes, I'm sure, who'll just tell her maids to stfu and starve themselves....