Friday, November 21, 2008

prrofread plaese ;)

So tons of freecycle posts contain spelling errors. Sometimes they can be overlooked. But in this example from Jodi bad spelling kinda changes the meaning of the post!

Offer: Kiddieland rocking hore (londonderry)It has wheels so it can be rode on
and it can also rock. When you puch his earit sings and the mouth
moves. Very cute. I recieved this from anotherfreecycle and
unfortunatly, we don't have the room. My sons are 3 and can usethis with
out a problem. Let me know when you would like to pick it up.

Just a slight difference between a HORSE and a HORE (and yes, I know that's not how you spell that either, but come on you know it's funny!)

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Dea said...

I especially like the punching the head thing - donkey punch, anyone???