Friday, November 14, 2008

The types of freecyclers

  1. You have the people who are just looking to see what's there and what people need. The genuine people, just looking to keep stuff out of the trash and find something they can use.
  2. The people who expect the universe to be handed over to them because they deserve it. Ya know, their uncles bestfriends sisters aunt's dog got ran over by a car, so they need a new laptop. I think I have demonstrated a few of those around here.
  3. The people who have garbage and they are too cheap to throw it away themselves, so hey why don't you come throw it away for me? Example:
    Free water softener! It works great! Only issue is that two weeks ago it leaked
    some water on the floor, but that could probably be fixed. Yours for the taking.
    Gee, the only issue with it is that IT DOESN'T WORK. Even though you claim "works great" uh.....NO it doesn't, a leaking water softener is a broken one m'kay?

1 comment:

Dea said...

LMAO!!! OMG, that's too funny! Have they never seen MythBusters? They could just blow it up....